Developing a region-wide legal framework for the conservation of Mediterranean living marine resources and ecosystems.

GFCM-Lex Discover map
GFCM-Lex Discover map
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The GFCM-Lex project offers a transparent and user-friendly access to  information about a country’s legislation relating to fisheries and aquaculture for fishers, practitioners, administrators, scientists, law specialists and any other person  who interested in such information.


• Elaborate and scale up a standard methodology to facilitate the compilation, harmonization, and dissemination of knowledge on national legislation corresponding to GFCM recommendations. 

• Better understand the linkages between GFCM Recommendations and national frameworks for the conservation and management of marine resources and ecosystems. 

• Encourage governments and national administrators in range countries to effectively align their legal frameworks for the management of marine living resources and ecosystems with the GFCM recommendations. 

•  Analyse and improve the legal and institutional framework at the national level through the replication of the standard methodology in all Mediterranean countries, towards possible amendments and revisions. 

• Raise awareness and facilitate capacity-building initiatives on marine conservation and sustainable use of marine resources through communication channels, training tools and workshops for relevant actors (administrations, fishers’ organizations, NGOs). 

• Disseminate best practices on the management of marine resources and ecosystems in the Mediterranean and promote sustainable fishing practices. 

• To share knowledge with partners and promote outreach activities on GFCM-Lex in the Mediterranean region. 

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Nicola Ferri
Nicola Ferri
Nicola is a legal and institutional specialist on fisheries legislation. He is a Compliance Officer at the GFCM-FAO and project coordinator of the GFCM-Lex project which harmonizes national legislations on fisheries.


General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

By enabling the fisheries stakeholders to access and use GFCM-Lex in various languages, the GFCM ensures the emergence of new strategies promoting best practices and encourages the ongoing transition to sustainable fisheries at the regional level, pursuant to GFCM recommendations. GFCM-Lex also promotes stakeholders’ involvement, allowing them to contribute to its development and constant update.

GFCM members are required to transpose the GFCM recommendations into their national legislation in order to create a harmonised legal framework for the management of marine resources. The project addresses the general lack of knowledge and access to national legislation.

The central product of this project is the GFCM Regional Repository of National Legislation - GFCM-Lex, a free online repository where people can find information on national legislation addressing the management of fisheries and aquaculture.

Budget (total) : 931,428€
Identifying legal gaps to accelerate fishing sector transition

Identifying legal gaps to accelerate fishing sector transition

A collaborative platform to identify legal gaps in fisheries and aquaculture.

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