2020 - 2022

Balearics Discover map
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Balearics Discover map
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The project

This project aims to restore marine ecosystems by implementing MAVA’s work and results in the Balearic archipelago (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera) and the sea around it. Much of the activities that we are envisaging is a replication/amplification of the work being developed under all project concepts developed by the MAVA partnership.

Project leader
Aniol Estaban

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Objectives / results

- Increase the no-take zone area in the Balearics from 44.5 km2 to 100 km2 by 2022

- Pave the way for 30% of the Balearic Sea to be protected by 2030 and at least 10% under a strict level of protection

- Increase the effectiveness of existing MPAs by strengthening marine citizen science programmes & by raising awareness through a photo challenge

 - Get the Balearic fishing fleet to take significant steps to become one of the most sustainable of the Mediterranean, with (co-)management plans for key species, transparency and fully documented fisheries, implementation of low-impact fishing gear/techniques/management measures, and adoption of ethical-sustainable certification

- Develop and implement an action plan for the conservation of sharks and rays in the Balearics

- Grow the number of donors contributing to the conservation of the Balearic Sea

- Increase the share of public funding (central, regional government) allocated to marine conservation initiatives

Budget (total) : 1,100,000€


Marilles Foundation
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