Cyprus Bycatch

Reducing the impact of bycatch on vulnerable species across the island of Cyprus.

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The Cyprus Bycatch project is developing a standardized multi-taxa approach to study and mitigate bycatch in the island of Cyrus. 


• Increase knowledge on the occurrence of bycatch 

• Identify measures to reduce the impact of bycatch on vulnerable species and achieve reductions in the levels of bycatch in selected areas or fishing fleet segments. 

• Engage in policy frameworks to ensure that they are supportive of measures to reduce bycatch. 

• Raise awareness among coastal communities of the issue of bycatch and engage them in good practices to address it.

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Daniel Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell
Daniel is a marine biologist and expert in environmental management. He is the European Marine Coordinator of BirdLife Europe and Central Asia and the coordinator of the Regional ByCatch project / Cyprus ByCatch project.


Birdlife Europe & Central Asia
Birdlife Cyprus
Enalia Physis
Centre for Ecology and Conservation, University of Exeter

The incidental capture of non-target species, such as marine mammals, seabirds, sea turtles, and elasmobranchs, known as "Bycatch", is a key conservation issue in Cyprus. Bycatch is one of the main threats to marine biodiversity and to the profitability and sustainability of fisheries in Cyprus.

Budget (total) : 1,006,990€