Sustainable small-scale fisheries

2020 - 2022

Sustainable small-scale fisheries Discover map
Image Sustainable small-scale fisheries
Sustainable small-scale fisheries Discover map
Image Sustainable small-scale fisheries

The project

The project targets SSF fishers, who infrequently have access to funds to develop sustainable fisheries even though funds are available, through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) for example. The main difficulties encountered by the SSF fishers in accessing funding are the lack of upfront capital, the difficult access to bank credits, and a strong need for technical assistance to deal with the EMFF procedures.

Through a granting/loan mechanism, we will test if granting upfront capital and providing technical assistance will allow SSF fishers to have better access to EMFF funding. On the basis of the results obtained through a test phase, we will then develop the concept and assess the feasibility of a long-term pre-financing facility to enhance the use of EMFF in SSF, with the aim to accelerate the implementation of the FAO-GFCM RPOA-SSF (guide for sustainable fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea).

Project leader
Marco Constantini

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Objectives / results

Developing the concept and assessing the feasibility of a pre-financing facility that would allow SSF fishers to access EMFF subsidies to foster the transition of Mediterranean SSF to sustainable fisheries.

Allow as many SSF fishers as possible to have access to funds to help them to move towards more sustainable fishing practices.  

Budget (total) : 1,173,811€


WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative
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