The Kuriat project

2017 - 2022

The Kuriat project  Discover map
Image The Kuriat project
The Kuriat project  Discover map
Image The Kuriat project

The project

The Kuriat project is a pilot initiative regarding a participatory governance approach within protected areas in Tunisia. The whole process started with SPA/RAC's MedMPAnet project, which led to the elaboration of a sustainable and integrated management plan of the Kuriat Islands. Thanks to the support of the Kuriat project, the management plan has moved from concept to implementation to move forwards the first Marine and Coastal Protected Area (MCPA) in Tunisia with a Co-management Unit bringing together a national agency, namely the Coastal Protection and Management Agency (APAL), and a civil society organization (Notre Grand Bleu NGO).

The Kuriat project has been executed by SPA/RAC in partnership with APAL and Notre Grand Bleu from July 2017- June 2020.

The Kuriat project contributed to achieving the objectives of the MAVA Foundation for the Mediterranean, and those of Tunisia vis-à-vis the Barcelona Convention, particularly with regard to marine biodiversity conservation, and the development of a well-connected and effective system of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean.

Project leader
Yassine Ramzi Sghaier (SPA/RAC)

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Objectives / results

- Organization of 9 training sessions for the benefit of members of the management unit and managers of other MCPAs and institutions in Tunisia

- Field surveys on birds, introduced species, fishing activity and tourist frequentation in Kuriat Islands

- Procurement of field equipment to ensure the continuity of monitoring activities and their smooth running after the end of the project (equipment for ornithological observation, field maintenance, photovoltaic panels, etc.)

- Enhanced communication activities through the development of a communication strategy, mass awareness of visitors to the island, the publication of press and scientific articles in international newspapers and publications

Budget (total) : 200,000€


Notre Grand Bleu